MB&F M.A.D.Gallery – NAGATA’s motorcycles

23. August 2012

The MB&F M.A.D. Gallery unveils CHICARA NAGATA’s motorcycles.

To consider Chicara Nagata’s motorcycles as a simple means of transport would be heresy. For over 20 years, this amazing Japanese artist has devoted all of his time and energy to the creation of art pieces, which may at first glance look like motorcycles, but are actually much, much more.


When he was 16 years old Chicara was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident, ironically, what Chicara now lives for once nearly killed him.

Chicara designs, manufactures and hand-assembles approximately 500 components to metamorphose vintage 1939-1966 motorcycle engines into works of mechanical art. The number of components he produces and the time he spends meticulously crafting each machine transcends them to a completely new dimension.

A qualified graphic designer, Chicara’s attention to detail is absolutely total. He finished his first artwork in three years, the CHICARA ONE in 2004, after 7,500 hours of painstaking work! That was followed by a series of unique pieces he calls “CHICARA ART”.

You might imagine Chicara Nagata as bōsōzoku -member of a rebel Japanese bike gang. However, he is actually a passionate artist who lives alone in the Saga prefecture of Kyushu island, 18 hours drive from Tokyo. Chicara’s strength and creativity are guided by his zen attitude and spirituality.

As of today the M.A.D. Gallery is proud to present three of Nagata Motorcycles: CHICARA ART ONE and CHICARA ART THREE, both available at CHF 370,000 + VAT, and CHICARA ART FOUR at CHF 78,000 + VAT.


For more information about Nagata Motorcycles you can contact us:  info@iluxus.sk